Hybrid PV Inverter

Our hybrid PV (Solar) inverters are highly integrated with MPPT, battery charge/discharge controller and DC/AC inverter. To install these products, you just simply connect wires, turn it on and it work. Special design for high humidity, high surge power, and 300V AC voltage endurance, they will work well in any region and application.



  • High efficiency
  • High charging current up to 100A
  • AC voltage up to 300V
  • Suitable for critical environment
  • 200% overload
  • Wall/Rack Mount Cabinet
  • Grid-tie/off-grid operation
  • Parallel & 3-phase operations
  • Battery-less operationUnique!
  • UPS, 4mS transfer timeUnique!

There are 3 series hybrid inverters for different applications.


Models compared: PH-6000N-D (PRO), PH-5000N-D (ECO) and PH-6000N-U (DUO)

  Hybrid PRO Hybrid ECO Hybrid DUO
Design for High performance, critical load and longer life Budget installation and applications Split-phase (120/240V) AC system 
Efficiency 96.5% 96% 96.5%
Maximum PV 6000W 5000W 6000W
MPPT Yes, 2 independent Yes, one Yes, 2 independent
Nominal AC Voltage 230V 230V 120/240V
AC O/P Waveform  High frequency, pure sine wave High frequency, pure sine wave High frequency, pure sine wave
AC Power (Grid-tie) 5000VA/5000W 5000VA/5000W 5000VA/5000W
AC Power (Backup) 5000VA/5000W 5000VA/4000W 5000VA/4000W
Overload 200% 200% 200%
Battery Voltage 48V 48V 48V
Charging Current 100A 60A 60A
Multiple-unit Connection Single phase and 3 phase (Y or Delta), up to 9 units Single phase, up to 6 units Coming
Dimension 580/408/168 425/388/120 580/408/168
Weight 24.2kg 14kg 27kg
Cloud monitoring Optional CloudLOG Optional CloudLOG Optional CloudLOG
Battery-less Operations  Yes Yes Yes
Transfer Time 4mS 4mS 10mS

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