Frequently asked questions

Here we list some frequency asked questions for you. If you have further questions, no matter listed or not, please do not hesitate to leave a message or contact with us. Thank you and enjoy our services.

Our business concept is to maximize the values and benefits of our customers. This is different from many of the existing competitors. Some of them are pursuing maximum profit; some of them are pursuing maximum quantities.

We have two catogries of customers, BUSINESS and END customers. No matter which one, we care as the same.

We believe, customers all like to have their maximum values. UrVOLT insists to design and produce high quality and performance, we intend to eliminate problems of after-selling products. In addition, for BUSINESS customers, we provides in-time services and product training. We intend to help our customers reduce their cost, increase their profit and keep their clients. Combining with average-below prices, we believe we can maximize the value and profit of our customers.

Of course not. We know price is also very important to you. It is also the value of you.

At the product design stages, we tries to reduce the cost by eliminating unnecessary functions and dedicate design. Sometimes, our prices are a little higher than cost-orinated competitors, but those differences are using for quality and performance, not out profits.

Since the only power comes from the SUN, the connected PV panels should be more. Another point is the capacity of battery. Battery size should be large, and therefore, the charging current, especially form solar should be large enough.

Our products can connect more PV modules, the charging current is much higher than some of the cheap models. This insures our product can work well in pure off-grid applications.

Our designs are very suitable for applications below:

  1. Pure off-grid without AC supply
  2. High reliability required
  3. Regions with unstable AC of interruptions and high voltages
  4. High surge power demanding loads, such as motors and air conditioners

Our products are designed for lasting and endurance. We designed them according to world-class manufacturers requirements. In addition, our hybrid inverters are made in TAIWAN. They are produced according to international standards. In this cases, our hybrid inverters have the best performance/cost ratio, which is very suitable for you.

There are some features as below:

  1. Input voltage is up to 300VAC, suitable for regions with unstable AC
  2. PV power connected is 20~50% higher than others
  3. Higher output AC power. 20~30% higher than other so-called similar rating inverters
  4. 200% overload capacity. Suitable for any kind of loads
  5. Higher rating power devices and component. Lower temperature and hence, longer life
  6. Conformer coating, suitable for high humidity regions