Hybrid DUO PV Inverter

Split-phase, professional and reliable solution for PV storage system

Hybrid DUOTM is the most powerful inverter for PV and storage in split-phase AC system. We integrate solar MPPT, charge/discharge controller and inverter in a single and intelligent cabinet. It is ideal for all applications including grid-tie, off-grid, residential, commercial, micro-grid and many other systems you can imagine. From now one, forget those complicated PV MPPT, charger and inverter you need to worry, apply our hybrid , get rid of your headache, enjoy your reliability.






  • All in one
  • 120/240V AC system
  • Unbalanced capability for different 120V output
  • High Efficiency 96.5%
  • 2 independent, fast and precise MPPT
  • 200% surge power
  • High temperature and humidity environments
  • CloudVOLTTM monitoring, iOS and Android app
  • Operation without batteries
  • Made in TAIWAN

Data Sheet

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